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S02E05: All That Jazz with Dee, Rajesh and Prachiti (team The Bombay Jazz Club) Strike A Chord

Arpana Gvalani:

Dee (@musicwithdeewood) and Rajesh (@musicman_raj), founders of The Bombay Jazz Club (@thebombayjazzclub) are the two people I go to whenever I need inspiration, advice, or just chat generally about the music scene and venues. It has been on my bucket list to have them on my podcast. We share many good memories otherwise, but in this episode, it's all about their work alongside their newest and youngest team mate Prachiti (@halfpl8). Being stalwarts in the music and finance industry, in this episode they share some of their past experiences plus the way forward. Anyone aspiring to be a part of the scene, these are the guys you should listen to.


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