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All that jazz: Bringing the swinging Sixties back to Mumbai

Roshni Nair:

The year 2004 was devastating for Mumbai’s jazz fans. The iconic Jazz Yatra, India’s first ever jazz fest – and a staple of Bombay’s event calendar since 1978 – breathed its last.

Nevil Timbadia, who grew up listening to the likes of Nat King Cole and Louis Armstrong and spent his formative years attending live music concerts, was one of the crestfallen. Then he decided to do something about it.

“The idea was to hark back to what was once Mumbai’s distinct jazz spirit. Plus, this is also the year of Ella Fitzgerald’s centenary, so it was the right time to kick things off,” says the co-founder of ‘Live At The’ (LAT; formerly Homegrown India), the company behind the first edition of the Ziziland Jazz Festival (ZJF).

Samantha Edwards, lead singer of The Bombay Jazz Club, will perform Ella Fitzgerald’s most iconic songs.

ZJF will be divided into two shows. The first, ‘100 Years of Ella Fitzgerald’, will see the extensive repertoire of the Queen of Jazz being covered by The Bombay Jazz Club (TBJC).


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